Kit Homes:
Are you looking for a quality home at a reasonable cost? That’s what we can offer you with our quality kit homes. We enjoy helping families find the perfect affordable kit home. But not just any kit home; one with a steel heart!
All our homes are steel framed; very strong, quiet and of course no white-ants.

Every customer has different needs, and we will be happy to assist you with a free consultation to discuss your individual requirements.

The first step is to contact us and we can email you the kit home brochures with floorplans, pricelist and inclusions list. Once you see a particular couple of designs that you like, please contact us and we can email you more detailed drawings with the elevations of that particular home(s) to assist you further in your planning process. With the kit homes please mention which town and state where you intend to build as there is a free delivery zone within 500 kms of the manufacturing facility.

Front of Kit home
Kit home verandah


We have a large range of steel framed kit homes in two main groups:

The “Country Range” and the “Urban Range”.

In both ranges of homes we offer a large range in sizes and styles from prestige, spacious homes to more economically friendly homes. While there is a certain amount of crossover between the two, the Country Range covers the more rural styles to suit country living both in town and especially the larger acreage style of homes. From the rustic homestead style with the classic look of yesteryear, open plan layouts, taller cathedral ceilings with taller pitched roof and split verandahs to the contemporary modern styles; its all here ready for your input on the style you require.

The Urban Range has both urban and country styles but designed for both town sized blocks or to suit that special corner block where you need that certain special look from two sides. All the homes can be mirror reversed (no charge) to suit your block aspect.

Dining Room Kit Home

Steel Framed Flooring Kits:
One of the most common questions we get asked is:

“Can I build it off the ground with a flooring kit or do I have to build on a concrete slab?”

The answer is simple; the choice is yours. You can either build on a concrete slab, or alternatively we can supply a steel framed flooring system with adjustable steel piers.

Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages:

The concrete slab has good thermal mass qualities and can be low set on level blocks.
The steel framed flooring system also has great advantages. They can be very economical, quick to erect, very suitable for Owner Builders, excellent for later long-term maintenance and less (or nil) ground disturbance where drainage can be a problem. They are exceptionally suitable for steeper sites (maybe with a garage or storage area underneath).

Can I do my own design?
Yes. You can do your own custom design. If finances are important however, we recommend you to find one of our designs that is the closest to the size and format of the design you require and change it to the way you want it.
With any of our homes you can change the ceiling height (2.4/2.55/2.7m and even 3m), add verandahs, change windows, make it longer for extra bedrooms etc.



Kit home Kitchen
Kit home interior


Can I buy the home in different stages (lock-up etc)?

Yes; there are 3 different stages or levels of supply. The following is not an exhaustive list, but rather a brief summary of inclusions; a comprehensive list will be emailed with your enquiry.

Stage 1: Most people call this the “lock-up” stage. Basically it includes all the materials that you as an Owner Builder, or your chosen builder will need to get the home to lock-up stage including the steel frames- both internal and external), windows, colorbond roofing materials, cladding, sisalation, external doors etc. The steel framed flooring system is also supplied at this point if it has been chosen as an option.

Stage 2: In addition to above includes all the insulation, gyprock, internal doors, skirtings and architraves, door furniture etc. This is usually the minimum stage of purchase as it still offers great value for money and saves a massive amount of wasted time (and mistakes) trying to calculate required internal quantities etc.

Stage 3: This is by far the best purchase point as all the work has been done for you. It includes everything you need in one simple package.
That is, it then also includes the kitchen, vanity units, tapware, laundry tub, bathtub, mirrors, towel accessories, vitreous china with soft closing toilet suites, tiling, electrical kit, hot water service etc.



Kit home brick
Breakfast Bar Kit Home